About Veriti

Veriti prides itself on delivering evidence based, interdisciplinary training, program development, and support for organisations who are experiencing rapid and ongoing change.  In addition, we train staff who work with clients or customers who are struggling to make life impacting behavioural change.  

Our strengths are being an agent of Motivational Interviewing approach to assist organisations and their staff in a supported learning environment.

Working in the health and community care sectors and business sectors, Veriti offers client centred contemporary on-line and on-site training to provide optimal outcomes for your organisation.

Veriti also provides consultancy to organisations wanting to implement or revamp their supervision and staff support programs. Veriti Directors use their extensive industry experience along with current evidence-based research findings to implement clinical supervision models and Motivational Interviewing training programs that enhance employee support across a variety of health and community care settings.

Director Profiles

Cathy Boyle


Cathy Boyle completed her General Nurse training in 1984. She is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, holds a Masters of Mental Health Nursing and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses. Her clinical background includes both acute mental health and drug and alcohol experience. For the last 17 years she has worked as a Mental Health Nurse Educator in a large public health system in Queensland, Australia, educating staff in a variety of health disciplines and non-government providers.

Cathy Boyle Veriti Director
Cathy Boyle, Director

Cathy has a special interest in clinical supervision and supported the implementation of a nursing clinical supervision program in a large public mental health service. She has been integrally involved in the training, support and up skilling of clinical supervisors and conducts both one on one and group clinical supervision. Cathy also has experience consulting with generalist nurses to develop an acute model for nursing clinical supervision. Cathy is a Clinical Fellow of the Australian Catholic University.

Barb Bowler


Barb Bowler Veriti Director
Barb Bowler, Director

Barb Bowler completed her General Nurse training in 1974. She is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse and holds a Masters of Counselling and a Masters of Nursing. Her clinical background includes acute mental health and rehabilitation, and drug and alcohol experience in both public and private services, as well as a private counselling practice. For the last 10 years she has worked as a Mental Health Nurse Educator in a large public health system in Queensland, Australia, educating staff in a variety of health disciplines and non-government providers.

Barb also has experience in disaster response, and in co-ordinating a Peer Support Program in a public mental health service. She is experienced in developing clinical supervision programs, training supervisors and delivering clinical supervision to individuals and groups.

Sharon Forrest


Sharon Forrest is a Director on the Veriti Board and is working to increase corporate board performance through broad industry experience.  In this role, Sharon oversees development of Verities growth strategy and business model.

Sharon Forrest Veriti Director
Sharon Forrest, Director

Sharon has over 15 years’ experience as an Organisational Change Manager working in Government, Private and not for profit sectors and a further 10 years prior to that working with corporate businesses.  She has a proven track record in leading and implementing change into large complex, and often politically heightened environments.  Sharon understands the importance and value that Motivational Interviewing brings in assisting with change.

Her approach is always, people first and being able to provide innovative insights to gain optimal outcomes for Veriti’s customers.  With a master’s in business and a qualified Prosci Practitioner, Sharon joined Veriti in 2019 as a non-executive Director.

Sharon says…

“I love working with Cath and Barb.  Their collective knowledge and approach to training is incredible to watch.  Their workshop participants always walk away with tangible skills they can apply immediately.  This ability is critical in a time poor macro environment.”