Peer Support Programs

peer-supportIn health and community care sectors, staff are regularly exposed to traumatic and critical incidents by the nature of their work, and may similarly experience personal issues that impact on their health and well-being. Employee support programs address these organisational and individual employee issues, and to assist employers to meet their responsibilities to ensure the physical and psychological well-being of staff.  Veriti assists organisations to introduce Peer Support Programs, and Supervision Programs into their health, well-being, and employee support programs.

Peer Support Programs utilise the experiences and skills of fellow workers to provide support and reassurance to a staff member at times of distress. Such supportive fellow workers usually have much in common with the person in distress because of their common work context. Peer Support Programs train volunteers from a work group (representing all levels of the employee workforce) in how best to assist colleagues affected by stress. Peer support programs are generally preventative in nature and encourage staff to seek assistance early, potentially mitigating the need for professional assistance at a later time.

Veriti Directors have over eight years’ experience in implementing a Peer Support Program in a large public mental health service and can draw on this to support your organisation implement a program. Our comprehensive package includes development of a Peer Support Program in your organisation, training of peer support workers, and supervision of peer support staff.

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