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We are credentialed mental health nurses

Veriti is led by credentialed mental health nurses, Cathy Boyle and Barb Bowler. Between them, Cathy and Barb have over 40 years experience working with a wide range of professionals, in both the health and corporate sectors. They have helped hundreds of people and dozens of organisations to embrace change through their motivational interviewing workshops. Through their Clinical Supervision programs, they have helped nurses, midwives, clinical and support staff to engage in reflection about their professional work with clients.

Director Cathy Boyle
Director Barb Bowler

What We Do – Who We Help

We provide evidence-based training & support

Veriti specialises in evidence-based training for the health and community sectors. Veriti also works with organisations in the corporate sector, particularly those undergoing rapid change. Motivational Interviewing is a useful tool to help staff and managers experiencing ongoing workplace changes and demands.

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Influencing Behaviour Change

Are you barking up the wrong tree?

Here’s a fun video showing how traditional and motivational interviewing techniques work for behaviour change. Although the subject in the video is a dog looking for a treat, Veriti provides Motivational Interviewing training for humans in many industries, from healthcare to engineering!