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Clinical supervision is an integral part of professional health care practice. Clinical supervision is a process where two health professionals collaborate to review and reflect on clinical practice. The primary purpose of clinical supervision is to improve practice, skills, and ethical awareness.

Veriti is committed to an alliance based model of supervision that is open, honest, non-hierarchical, respectful, collaborative and constructive. We believe clinical supervision is a confidential process* between clinical supervisor and supervisee.

The clinical supervision agenda is driven by the needs of the supervisee. This includes the development of a written working agreement developed with the supervisee, outlining their goals and expectations as well as arrangements regarding time, location, duration and evaluation of supervision.

Veriti Directors have significant experience in the development and delivery of clinical supervision programs and are well placed to meet your individual organisations’ needs. Contact us to find out more about clinical supervision models/programs and how we can assist your organisation to develop and support staff.

Veriti has trained and experienced clinical supervisors available who offer both individual and group supervision at competitive prices.  While Veriti is based in Brisbane, we can also offer telephone and Skype options to supervisees, wherever they are based. Contact us to learn more about our clinical supervisory process and to arrange a telephone consultation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Feedback from Veriti Clinical Supervisees

“I highly recommend supervision with Cathy”

I have been to clinical supervision with Cathy for the past 5 years and it has been a great catalyst for the development of my knowledge, skills and attitudes in my various roles as mental health nurse. This supervision has also helped with my motivation to develop my knowledge and confidence to take on the more challenging roles that I have had since this supervision began. Cathy’s supervision has allowed me to clarify and focus on the obvious factors I often miss in the sometimes chaotic role of the mental health nurse. She has regularly pointed me in some directions for learning that I would not have otherwise considered. I highly recommend supervision with Cathy if you wish to expand your practice and career. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding mental health care and an excellent ability to enhance the knowledge of others.

“…invaluable in assisting me to expand my practice and knowledge of mental health care”

Barb Bowler has been my mental health nursing supervisor for the past six years and I highly recommend her supervision services. Barb’s professional knowledge and manner has greatly assisted the development of my ability to critically reflect on, evaluate, and improve my nursing practice, and increased my confidence to take on different and more challenging roles. Barb has a strong focus on ethical practice and has been invaluable for my learning how to clarify and manage difficult situations with conflicting pulls. Barb is thorough and proactive in her supervision, but also easy to relate with, and she always discusses my concerns and responds to my questions and reflections in a professional, friendly manner. Barb’s supervision and encouragement has been invaluable in assisting me to expand my practice and knowledge of mental health care. I feel completely confident in recommending her supervision services.

“My ability to respond rather than react as a clinician is aided by Barb’s ongoing input.”

I am employed as a Community Mental Health Nurse in Tasmania and have been having clinical supervision from Barb Bowler for approximately 18 months. This is delivered online via Microsoft Teams, and occurs every 4 weeks.

I have many clients who present as complex in their diagnosis and this reflects in their patterns of behaviour.  Effective engagement can be difficult and needs careful management.

Last year one of my clients passed away relatively suddenly. I found this difficult to accept at the time, and I was very distressed by the event.  I felt unable to discuss this with anyone in my work place, so I brought it to supervision on more than one occasion.  Barb was a great comfort to me. She managed my emotional responses with empathy and gentle acceptance, something I will always be grateful for.

Barb is a non-judgemental, highly knowledgeable clinician who is skilled at reflective practice and able to support me looking at clinical issues with a different lens.   This has allowed me to come up with solutions to many therapeutic complexities, which has also given me a broader spectrum of knowledge from which to draw on for future situations that will no doubt arise with clients.  My ability to respond rather than react as a clinician is aided by Barb’s ongoing input.

I have faith and trust in Barb as a clinical supervisor that I value very much.
Tasmanian Clinical Supervisee

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