Heart Failure

Author :  Amanda Smith

Approximate learning time:  1hr 30min

Course Overview:  Heart Failure is a progressive long term condition which leads to a poor quality of life. With the prevalence and incidence increasing due to more effective cardiac treatments – its important for all health care practitioners to understand the disease progression and treatment to aid in its management.

Course Objective:  At the end of this course you will be able to:
1. Understand how heart failure affects normal cardiac physiology.
2. Be aware of the prevalence of heart failure and the growing burden it represents.
3. Distinguish between the types and classification of heart failure.
4. Describe the main signs and symptoms in heart failure.
5. Understand the aims of specific drug therapies used in heart failure.

Author Biography:  Amanda Smith is a heart failure specialist nurse working in NHS Highland. This is the most geographically dispersed population in the UK and providing equitable care to patients with heart failure provides Amanda with numerous challenges.

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