gerry mullan
Gerry is currently employed in an educational role in a large public mental health service. He commenced this role in October 2013. In the previous 10 years Gerry was the Nursing Clinical Supervision Coordinator for the same organisation. During that time he developed a model of Clinical Supervision that had particular emphasis on issues which strengthen and potentially disrupt the nurse-patient alliance. He was closely involved in the training of supervisors delivered across a district and State wide network. He then utilised his in-depth knowledge of each supervisor to assist supervisees to find the “best fit” in their choice of clinical supervisor. Gerry has worked in clinical, project and management positions during the course of his career. He trained as a Registered Mental Nurse in the UK and has completed a Master’s Degree in the field of Community Mental Health at the University of Queensland. Gerry is an Associate Lecturer at the School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry at the University of Queensland