Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing [MI] has been shown to enhance the effectiveness of those in healthcare or helping roles by initiating and supporting change. Originally used in the management of addiction MI has now been adapted and used across the health care continuum in the management and prevention of chronic disease [Borelli et al., 2007, p.1023; Levensky et al., 2007, p.57].
Randomized controlled trails have found that MI has an impact on lifestyle choices e.g. smoking cessation, diet and exercise, hazardous drinking and chronic disease management compared to ‘standard’ approaches such as client education and risk reduction interventions [Levensky et al., 2007, p.52].

Veriti facilitators are experienced and expert in MI training. We offer scheduled workshops or can tailor and deliver these services to your organisation. Please [Contact Us] to learn more.
Veriti offers both Introductory and Advanced Motivational Interviewing courses. For a full listing of Veriti’s Motivational Interviewing workshops in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Rockhampton please go to Events.
Here’s what participants have said about Veriti’s MI courses:

“Content great, presenters knew their content and guided well. Good food.”
“Real life scenarios reinforced learning outcomes.”
“Well organised, presentations very good. Good balance of teaching and interaction.”

Changing Course – MI Workshop, February 2018, Toowoomba

“Challenged me, highlighted what I have not been doing”
“Learned techniques that are applicable to my industry.”
“Well structured, thought provoking. I felt today has been a good learning experience. The presenters worked well together and kept my interest.”

Changing Course – MI Workshop, March 2017, CheckUP Facility

“Good examples of strategies to use in therapeutic conversations.”
“Presenters were informative and welcoming.”
“I am leaving more confident to speak to clients.”
“Learnt new ways to engage with clients, techniques and observations.”

Changing Course – MI Workshop, July 2017, CheckUP Facility

“Course is great. Presenters are down to earth and easy to follow.”
“Great refresher and helpful role plays and practice opportunities.”
“This training has advanced my knowledge of MI and strengthened my confidence in applying it in practice”

Advanced MI, November 2017, CheckUP Facility

“Helpful, applicable to my practice”
“It was great, no matter what you thought you knew, there was something for everyone”
“Both Cathy and Barb are fantastic in their presentation of MI”
“A good foundation in MI”
“A great day and I felt supported by the presenters”
“The workshop structure, information, examples and presenters were all fabulous”
“Really useful for agencies working in the Recovery field”

Chronic Disease, Mental Health & MI Workshop October 2014

“The presenters complimented each other”
“A good mix of theory and practice”
“Will be very helpful in my work”
“Very good use of examples of how MI works”
“I felt motivated and engaged to both use MI and to learn more”

MS Qld MI Workshop March 2015

“The one-day workshop was excellent as it provided practical information and allowed participants to practice their MI skills, and offered real world scenarios. I would highly recommend attending.”

MI Workshop, Aspley, September 2016

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